5″ Trade Cup Wheels

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5″ (125mm) trade quality 5mm high diamond grinding cup wheels for very aggressive to fine concrete grinding. Various grits and bonds available.

From $19.00 + GST

30/40G9 SegMFTCW5916T$59.00
30/40G5 SegMultiplate use onlyTCW5MP$19.00
9 SegHFTCW5930T HF$49.00
9 SegMFTCW5930T MF$49.00
9 SegVSFTCW5930T VSF$49.00
30G16 SegHFTCW51630T HF$69.00
30G16 SegMFTCW51630T MF$69.00
30G18 SegHFTCW51830T HF$69.00
30G18 SegMFTCW51830T MF$69.00
60G18 SegHFTCW51860T HF$65.00
60G18 SegMFTCW51860T MF$65.00
80G18 SegHFTCW51880T HF$65.00
80G18 SegMFTCW51880T MF$65.00
120G18 SegXHFTCW518120T XHF$65.00
120G18 SegHFTCW518120T HF$65.00
120G18 SegMFTCW518120T MF$65.00
  • 30G
  • 30/40G
  • 60G
  • 80G
  • 120G
  • 5 Seg
  • 9 Seg
  • 16 Seg
  • 18 Seg
  • XHF
  • HF
  • MF
  • VSF
  • Multiplate use only

Additional information


30G, 30/40G, 60G, 80G, 120G

No. of Segs

5 Seg, 9 Seg, 16 Seg, 18 Seg


XHF, HF, MF, VSF, Multiplate use only


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