7″ Professional Cup Wheels

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7″ (180mm) professional quality 8mm high diamond grinding cup wheels for aggressive to general purpose concrete grinding.

From $79.00 + GST

30/40G8 x "Hilti Style" Seg HF TCWHIL7 $89.00
30/40G24 Seg MF TCW72430P $99.00
30/40G12 Seg MF TCW712P $79.00
  • 30/40G
  • 8 x "Hilti Style" Seg HF
  • 24 Seg MF
  • 12 Seg MF

Additional information

Weight N/A
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No. of Segs/Bond

8 x "Hilti Style" Seg HF, 24 Seg MF, 12 Seg MF


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