Cup Wheel Adaptors

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We have cup wheel adaptors to suit all your needs! Increase the height from the base of the spindle to suit the requirements of your dust shroud.

From $8.90 + GST

M14 7mmM14 SHORT$8.90
M14 15mmM14 Dewalt$10.90
M14 14mmM14 TALL$8.90
M14 Full Thread 14mmM14 TALL FT$8.90
5/8 Adaptor 7mm5/8 Adaptor$9.90
  • 5/8 Adaptor 7mm
  • M14 7mm
  • M14 14mm
  • M14 15mm
  • M14 Full Thread 14mm

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5/8 Adaptor 7mm, M14 7mm, M14 14mm, M14 15mm, M14 Full Thread 14mm


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