WerkMaster Scarab Tooling

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For use with the WerkMaster Scarab. Full range of 3″ (76mm) diamond abrasive tooling, resins and buffing pads. Everything you need to remove coatings, grind, polish and refinish concrete, terrazzo and stone.

From $4.00 + GST

Turbo Shark 3 x 16G Seg W002-1428 $77.90
Teardrop 3 x 30/40G Seg W002-1524 $89.00
3 x 70/80G Seg W002-1525 $89.00
Achromic Pad 100G W003-0267 $16.25
Resin Pad 200G W003-0278 $21.60
400G W003-0279 $21.60
800G W003-0280 $21.60
1500G W003-0281 $21.60
3000G W003-0282 $21.60
Pink Nylon Clean/Buff Pad W011-0015 $4.00
  • Turbo Shark 3 x 16G Seg
  • Teardrop 3 x 30/40G Seg
  • 3 x 70/80G Seg
  • Achromic Pad 100G
  • Resin Pad 200G
  • 400G
  • 800G
  • 1500G
  • 3000G
  • Pink Nylon Clean/Buff Pad

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Turbo Shark 3 x 16G Seg, Teardrop 3 x 30/40G Seg, 3 x 70/80G Seg, Achromic Pad 100G, Resin Pad 200G, 400G, 800G, 1500G, 3000G, Pink Nylon Clean/Buff Pad


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